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This working group contributes to the European debate on the future of services of general interest to ensure access for all citizens to high quality and affordable services. The main issues are: provision of public services, public procurement, concessions, and state aid.



The working group examines issues relating to cities’ financing, organisation and delivery of public services.


  • ensuring all citizens are provided with access to high-quality services, which are efficient, reliable and affordable, and which contribute to the shared values of solidarity, economic, social and territorial cohesion and sustainable development

  • ensuring that the form of provision of local services, including whether or not to tender out, can still be decided at local level in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity and local self-government

  • promoting a more balanced integration of social and environmental considerations into all aspects of the EU internal market and competition policy

  • insisting on careful assessment of the long-term impact of liberalisation of markets on the affordability, quality and continuity of essential services in already liberalised sectors before liberalising any new sectors


Nicolas Joffraud
European Affairs and public policy


Bogdan Nawrocki
Deputy Director

vice chair

Justin Mai

EUROCITIES staff contact

Aleksandra Olejnik
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor