Smart City Logistics and Fleet Management

  • mobility

This WG will focus on sustainable transport and logistics and its connection with energy efficient fleet management. Focus will be on best practice exchanges.

The working group objectives, actions and outputs are:

  • To discuss best practices in logistics and/or fleet management of managers of larger public organizations in the implementation and stimulation of environmental friendly vehicles (transport of goods and passengers), managing daily operations (transport of employees and goods for the organization) with the help of intelligent transport systems (ITS), mobility solutions for large and middle sized organizations, coordination of internal mobility within city administrations and the link to the larger mobility situation (SUMPS)…

  • To disseminate the use of innovative procurement procedures in this field (best practices, case studies, knowledge exchange,…)

  • The WG will, in close cooperation with the Mobility Forum and its other Working Groups, formulate recommendations towards policy making in the European Commission.

vice chair

Julie Torsbjerg Lynge
Programme manager