Mobility of artists

  • culture

This working group builds on the principle that mobility is a professional and artistic necessity for artists to export their work, perform, learn, create, cooperation and discover new forms of expression


If a common European cultural area is to become a reality, if we are to enhance diversity and sustain economic development and social inclusion it is essential that we promote cultural cooperation and exchanges by facilitating the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.


  • sharing views and best practices on improving cultural mobility

  • identifying, exploring and evaluating programmes, new actions and innovative tools and funds to foster mobility

  • forging a link between established professional European networks and cities

  • contributing to policy making at local, national and European level


Alberto Lalli
architect PhD

vice chair

Leszek Napiontek
Head of International Relations Unit

EUROCITIES staff contact

Julie Herve
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Senior policy advisor