Metropolitan areas

  • economy

This working group focuses on the city in relation to its surroundings and the governance of functional urban areas

The work of the group feeds into EU debates around delivering the Europe 2020 goals and structural funds 2014 – 2020.


  • influencing European and national frameworks for improving city-region cooperation

  • serving as a platform for exchange between city experts that are involved in strategic policy planning on issues that include and go beyond core city administrative areas

  • serving as a strategic group to advise our work on issues around metropolitan governance and integrated local planning 

The working group will complement the work being done by our task force on EU budget and our working group cohesion policy.

The working group will base its work around:

  • work of our member cities on metropolitan issues

  • findings from the URBACT Joining Forces project

  • findings from the URBACT NODUS project

  • findings from the URBACT neT-TOPIC project

and research:


Alfredo Corbalan
Brussels Capital Region
Project manager

vice chair

Edouard Fleury
Territorial cooperation officer