Integrated urban development

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This working group works to improve integrated urban development, planning and governance through peer review exchanges


A study, ‘Integrated urban development - a prerequisite for urban sustainability in Europe’ was published in 2007 in the context of the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities.

The study states that ‘generally speaking, integrated approaches involve spatial, temporal and factual coordination and integration of diverse policy areas and planning resources to achieve defined goals using specified (financial) instruments. Comprehensive and early involvement of all governmental, administrative and non-governmental players relevant to urban development is crucial. Above all, this includes local residents and players from the business world’.

The study calls for integrated urban development, which is described as ‘an essential pre-requisite in order to face the many challenges with which today cities all over the world are confronted. Integration is, however, a challenging task to put into practice’, in the Manual on Integrated Urban Governance.

Our working group on integrated urban development aims to tackle this ‘challenging task’ by putting insights and knowledge about integrated approaches into day-to-day practice.

Objectives for 2014:

  • elaborate urban development ideas around specific topics, including following up on integrated measures and certificates for CO2-neutral planning; citizen participation; study and visits of integrated projects in economic development forum 2014 host cities (Utrecht, Brussels and Brno)

  • discussion of definitions, approaches and tools for integrated development (guidebooks, reference framework for sustainable urban development, etc.)

  • keeping track of integrated urban development in funding: ERDF/ITIs (DG REGIO), smart cities and communities (DGs ENER, MOVE and DIGIT), Horizon2020

  • promoting cross-sectoral and integrated work within EUROCITIES (joint meeting with other working groups such as working group housing, etc.)