This Working Group focuses on the role of social housing in fostering social cohesion in cities. To this end, it aims to improve the understanding of the importance of social housing at the European level and organises good practice and know-how-exchanges

Some of the issues dealt with by the working group include:

  • affordable housing;

  • social housing and housing of special target groups;

  • mixed-use urban developments;

  • housing and social cohesion;

  • rehabilitation of existing housing stock; and

  • transfer of know-how.

In 2015, the WG will focus on social housing , sustainability and affordability of housing, smart innovation in housing, densification and participation of citizens in urban planning. It will also start the discussions on how to secure accessibility to social housing especially for non-nationals. It will continue to follow the developments at EU level.


Susanne Bauer
Senior policy advisor

vice chair

Javier Buron
Director of Housing Department

EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia Couti
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor