This working group focuses on employment policies at local level, especially with regard to young people.

The objectives of the working group for 2015 are to:

  • raise awareness at all levels of governance of the importance of involving cities in developing policies to tackle youth unemployment (such as Youth Guarantee), in particular in the policy dialogue with EC;

  • to provide input to EU policy making on youth employment;

  • to promote innovation in cities' policies to tackle youth unemployment through the exchange of best practice, experience and know-how; and

  • to work together with other EUROCITES' forums and working groups (for example, WG Education) on such topics as how to improve the transition from school to work.

It will also address issues such as partnerships with compagnies, working conditions and more inclusive labour market.


Celine Schroeder
Chargée de mission emploi

vice chair

Shoresh Ibrahim
Senior officer on International relations and EU-projects

vice chair

Jane Taylor
Head of Service: Employment, Skills and Learning

EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia Couti
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor