Cultural access and entitlement

  • culture

This working group aims to identify, define and compare policies and action plans implemented by European cities around the accessibility of cultural spaces and services

All aspects of accessibility (social, cultural, intellectual, physical and financial) are taken into consideration


  • identifying, defining and comparing cultural accessibility issues in members of our culture forum, taking into consideration all aspects of accessibility (social, cultural, intellectual, physical, and financial), policies and action plans

  • sharing views and best practices for improving the accessibility of cultural spaces and services

  • identifying successful models of strategies, instruments and tools for ensuring equal opportunities for all, promoting involvement of citizens from deprived areas, increasing the number of people participating in cultural activities

  • identifying tools for evaluating accessibility

  • contributing to policy debate on cultural accessibility issues, taking into account future directions and showing the need for enhanced political support

  • on the basis of best practices and experiences collected, contributing to policy making on the local, national and European level


Christine O Toole
Tourism Culture & Arts Officer

vice chair

Kerste Broberg
Director of Unit

vice chair

Sylvia Fassl-Vogler
Head of Section

EUROCITIES staff contact

Julie Herve
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Senior policy advisor