Barrier-free city for all

  • mobility

This working group cooperates with the European Commission on the implementation of the European disability strategy 2010-2020 to improve barrier-free accessibility in Europe

The working group will also work with the Commission on phase two of the EU mandat M/420 European accessibility requirements in public procurement in the built environment, etc.


  • supporting the EU-wide implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by cities

  • exchanging experiences on developing and designing cities without barriers

  • analysing the impact of demographic change on the planning of barrier-free cities

  • participating in and influencing European standards on accessibility (long-term objective)

  • considering the requirements of accessibility/design for all in higher education and advanced training of architects, city and traffic planners and representatives of the crafts

  • modelling projects according to the requirements of a European manual/development of a European manual for accessibility/ensuring design for all in public traffic, buildings and environment with European standards


vice chair

Brigitte Grasset
Head of office - Road and streets policies