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Each forum is able to set up a certain number of working groups focusing on specific policy issues. Each working group has a specific remit and tasks, for example preparing a position paper on a particular topic, or managing activities such as a European project or campaign.

Each working group consists of individuals, nominated by member cities, who are considered as having relevant knowledge and expertise. Each working group is chaired by a member city, which is also responsible for reporting back to the relevant forum on the results achieved.

Active and Healthy Ageing

Our working group on active and healthy ageing wants to raise awareness and improve strategies for age-friendly environments in cities.

  •  environment

Air quality, climate change & energy efficiency

This working group addresses air quality, climate change and energy efficiency issues affecting European cities

  •  mobility

Barrier-free city for all

This working group cooperates with the European Commission on the implementation of the European disability strategy 2010-2020 to improve barrier-free accessibility in Europe

  •  economy

City branding and attractiveness

This working group focuses on how city identity, branding and marketing can reinforce strategic plans for growth and prosperity by attracting investment, business, people and tourists

  •  economy

Cohesion policy and structural funds

This working group coordinates our lobbying towards the EU institutions and member states on EU cohesion policy and structural funds, working to ensure a sufficient urban focus in regulatory frameworks and...

  •  cooperation

Creative citizenship

Creative citizenship is a working group starting in 2015 to work on innovative methods that can process civic engagement to make a positive change in cities.

  •  culture

Creative industries

This is a joint working group within both our culture and economic development forums to support the contribution of the local cultural and creative economy in cities

  •  culture

Cultural access and entitlement

This working group aims to identify, define and compare policies and action plans implemented by European cities around the accessibility of cultural spaces and services

  •  culture

Culture and young people

This working group supports cities’ activities to bring young people into contact with culture and develops strategies to ensure that the needs of young people are met in local cultural strategies

  •  knowledge society

Cyber security

This working group aims to increase cities’ awareness of internet security threats to contribute to the development of a society that can efficiently tackle cyber threats, promote local policy development in...