Contribution to the report on the first 20 years of the Committee of the Regions

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The Committee of the Regions celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2014. At this occasion, the CoR President invited partners and stakeholders to reflect on their cooperation and consider what evolution that the CoR could undergo in the coming years. In this statement, we answer this call by outlining what could be strengthened in the CoR working method and how to go on cooperating with associations representing local authorities in Brussels, such as EUROCITIES.


• CoR working on territorial impact assessment: adding value to the European policy cycle
There is a clear need for better knowledge of the impact of EU legislation on our territories. The CoR can play an instrumental role in providing EU institutions with first hand information throughout the EU policy cycle. It would entail a similar kind of work as is carried out by the existing platforms (such as those on the European grouping of territorial cooperation and Europe 2020), gathering information directly from regions and cities on a focused number of policy areas and providing the evidence needed to inform the EU legislative process.
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