TIDE - Transport Innovation Development for Europe

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The mission of the TIDE project will be to enhance the broad transfer and take-up of 15 innovative urban transport and mobility concepts throughout Europe and to make a visible contribution to establish them as mainstream measures. The TIDE partners will make a range of new and feasible solutions easily accessible to address key challenges of urban transport such as energy efficiency, decarbonisation, demographic change, safety, access for all and new economic and financial conditions.

TIDE will focus on 15 innovative concepts in five thematic clusters: financing models and pricing measures (1), non-motorised transport (2), network and traffic management to support traveller information (3), electric vehicles (4) and public transport organisation (5). Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans will be a horizontal topic to integrate the cluster activities.

The project will provide a strong approach in methodology, content and outreach. The needs of practitioners in European cities and regions will be a guiding principle. A particular focus will also be on providing guidance for finding cost-efficient solutions (cost-benefit analysis).
The project will refine existing and well proven transferability methodologies and integrate them into an easy to apply handbook. Face-to-Face training and exchange events as well as guidelines and e-learning on how to successfully implement innovative solutions will be the key tools to effectively support a wide range of take-up candidates in overcoming real or perceived barriers to implementation. A broad portfolio of dissemination activities will ensure a high visibility of the project.
TIDE will actively support 15 committed cities in developing implementation scenarios. They will demonstrate how to successfully prepare implementation of innovative solutions and provide examples to a wider group of cities.
Website: http://www.tide-innovation.eu/en/ 


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