SHARE II - Cities that Care, Cities that Share

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Built on the experience of SHARE, the project SHARE II will keep on working towards the creation of a European resettlement network of cities, municipalities and regions. The SHARE network is an integral part of the wider EU Resettlement Network, and facilitates the inclusion of local and regional actors in the network as new resettlement stakeholders.

Although national governments are responsible for the selection of refugees for resettlement, regional and local authorities play a central role in offering reception and integration support once refugees have arrived. The success of national refugee resettlement programmes thus depends on the commitment, ability and partnerships of cities, municipalities and regions. The overall objective of the SHARE Project is therefore to build a European resettlement network of cities, regions, their civil society partners and other local actors involved in and/or with a commitment to refugee resettlement, protection and integration.

The SHARE Network creates sustainable relationships, disseminates best practice, builds capacity, creates partnerships and strengthens commitment to protection. SHARE Project activities offer structured dialogue, exchange of practice and networking between cities and regional actors and between experienced and emerging resettlement countries planning or considering resettlement. 

EUROCITIES’ contribution to this project built on previous work led by the Working Group Migration & Integration, including adapting the peer review process on the implementation of the EUROCITIES Integrating Cities Charter for use in refugee resettlement.

The SHARE project is led by International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), in partnership with UNHCR.


For more information, contact Rachel Westerby, City Coordinator at ICMC Europe (