GuiDanCe - Support the coordination of cities’ activities via the Green Digital Charter

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The aim of the GuiDanCe project is to provide guidance and support to cities’ activities towards their Green Digital Charter commitments.


GuiDanCe will work towards these three main objectives:

1. Strengthen the engagement of GDC signatories to create a club of cities that work together towards their GDC commitments

  • Introducing a GDC implementation monitoring process that will make cities work as a group with common objectives
  • Identifying, bringing forward and helping to replicate leading cities’ best examples and projects
  • Updating the text of GDC to align it with today’s political context and technical realities
  • Creating synergies with other initiatives and stakeholders
  • Working together with other Horizon 2020 projects related to the ICT and smart cities areas

2. Improve existing tools and services and their impact to GDC signatories

  • Helping signatory cities properly use the online toolkit developed in NiCE
  • Carrying out training activities, tailored to the needs of cities in order to maximise their results and impact
  • Working together with external experts that can offer strategic advice for the improvement of the GDC services
  • Improving the operation of the GDC contact point that was introduced in NiCE

3. Promote GDC signatories’ activities in and outside the EU

  • Increasing the number of signatory cities from 42 to 60
  • Working for the creation of a GDC network of 15 Chinese cities in the frame of the EU-China urbanisation partnership
  • Carrying out communication and dissemination activities at local, national, European and international levels
  • Informing key stakeholders of the project’s outcomes, especially in the funding and ICT industry sectors
The project is funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme.

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