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CREATE – Congestion Reduction in Europe, Advancing Transport Efficiency
Congestion Reduction in Europe, Advancing Transport Efficiency (CREATE) is based on a dynamic and innovative approach of research, it will develop city-tailored advice and guidance for local authorities to deal with their congestion issues
CREATE aims to achieve the reduction of traffic congestion in cities by decoupling car use from economic growth and exploring possible solutions and suitable alternatives. CREATE approach is based on the “Transport Policy Evolution Cycle” which shifts the policy emphasis and investments priorities from a car-oriented approach to one focused on improving living conditions of urban citizens, thanks to data analysis, comprehensive research and historical studies.
CREATE project will:
  • Explore the nature and the causes of urban road traffic congestion, to provide with a better understanding of efficient and sustainable urban mobility;
  • Examine how Western European cities have succeeded in declining the car traffic level;
  • Develop guidance and capacity-building for experts from the partner cities;
  • Address future issues linked to current challenges such as increase in population and employment.
The five Eastern European and Mediterranean cities (Bucharest, Skopje, Tallinn, Adana and Amman) will work closely with the five Western European capitals (Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris and Vienna) to learn how to better cope with traffic congestion and to adopt sustainable transport policies and measures. In parallel, the five Western cities will work together to explore future mobility options, in a context of growing urban population, to better manage the transport system and reduce the overall need to travel of their citizens.