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CIVITAS VANGUARD (Advancing Sustainable Urban Transport in an Enlarged Europe through CIVITAS) is a proposed support action aimed at assisting the European Commission Directorate for Transport and Energy in coordinating the next, “CIVITAS-Plus” phase of its “CIVITAS Initiative” for cleaner and sustainable urban transport, as well as to assist in the dissemination of results of CIVITAS-Plus.


In particular, VANGUARD coordinates assistance to CIVITAS-Plus demonstration projects and disseminates the results of these activities through a communication campaign at the European level. The project is implemented by a project consortium consisting of European city networks as well as transport, energy and policy oriented organizations and a communications company. All in all, CIVITAS VANGUARD aims to assure the coordinated and smooth day-to-day operations of the CIVITAS Initiative, further raising its prestige and visibility in a wider European context.

other partners

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), ICLEI, POLIS, Mobiel21, Seternovem, MOSTRA 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Peter Staelens
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Senior project coordinator