Valencia signs our Green Digital Charter

  • environment
  • knowledge society

Maria Àngels Ramón-Llin, Valencia’s councillor for the environment and sustainable development, signed our Green Digital Charter (GDC) on behalf of her city on 24 April.

The GDC encourages local actions that support innovation and excellence in the field of ICT for energy efficiency. Fundación InnDEA in Valencia was responsible for supporting and coordinating Valencia’s signature of the charter.

Maria Àngels Ramón-Llin welcomed Valencia’s signature of the charter, saying: “Nowadays, this initiative is acknowledged on a public-private scale, and European experts consider it as a benchmark in the field”.

The councillor explained that Valencia “as a smart and sustainable city, is becoming part of this European initiative, in which our city regains a position among the leading European cities committed to fighting climate change, and goes a step further in our commitment to improve the environment and quality of life for the citizens of Valencia”.

Valencia becomes the 46th European and fifth Spanish city to sign the charter. Altogether, the GDC signatories represent more than 25 million European citizens. The city, together with all the other signatories, will now engage in the new EUROCITIES-led GuiDanCe project, which follows on from the FP-7 funded NiCE (Networking Intelligent cities for Energy Efficiency) project (more information at

The project will support cities in delivering the charter’s objectives through the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and visits to project sites.