Revealed: winners of the EUROCITIES awards 2015!

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The cities of Edinburgh, Gothenburg and Milan were revealed last night as the winners of the EUROCITIES awards at a ceremony in Malmo.

Three winning projects were selected by an independent jury and announced at a ceremony in Malmo, marking the opening of EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo.

Kent Andersson, chairman of Malmo City Council, presented the awards in the following categories:

Cooperation - Entrepreneurial Västra Hisingen, Gothenburg

A three-stand project to develop entrepreneurial capacity, targeting young people and existing entrepreneurs. The programme offers courses, support and networks in various languages and for specific groups. 

Innovation - Fewer cars, more shared spaces, better quality of life for all, Milan

An initiative to address Milan's high level of private car ownership and improve local air quality. Made up of three phases, including the flagship Area C congestion zone, which has helped reduce traffic in the city centre by nearly 30%. Milan also operates a successful bike and car sharing scheme, with scooters soon to be added. 

Participation - Edinburgh in Bloom, Edinburgh

Bringing together individuals and organisations to help make Edinburgh more sustainable. Community participation is an important aspect of the initiative, which funds community projects and helps set up groups and mobilise volunteers. For example, the 'garden share' scheme allows people without a garden grow food and flowers. 


More information about the awards winners and shortlisted cities can be found on our website, here. We will shortly be adding videos introducing all the projects.

The EUROCITIES awards recognise outstanding achievement by EUROCITIES members in the delivery of local activities or practices which improve the quality of life for citizens, and are judged in the context of the theme of the annual conference. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Living cities – sustainable growth and quality of life’.

The awards were judged by an independent jury. 

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