OPTICITIES tutorial session - the latest on urban ITS

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The next OPTICITIES tutorial session takes place in Lyon on 10 March 2016, and will showcase some of the latest developments in urban intelligent transport systems (ITS).

OPTICITIES is a major European intelligent transport systems (ITS) project led by Grand Lyon and involving Birmingham, Gothenburg, Madrid, Turin and Wroclaw. The project involves developing and testing innovative ITS tools and services. Following a first successful tutorial session at the ITS World Conference in October in Bordeaux, OPTICITIES and its partner cities will organise four additional tutorial sessions in the first half of 2016. These aim to ensure a broad uptake of the project results across Europe.

The next tutorial session will be held in Lyon on 10 March 2016 in combination with site visits and live demonstrations. The programme will address the following ITS solutions being developed as part of OPTICITIES:

  • a new traffic prediction tool for Lyon Metropole’s Traffic Management Centre

  • multimodal travel planner

  • real time car pooling

  • seamless service continuity between smartphones and in-car navigation systems

  • road data creation - urban network mapping

More details about the session will be available in early January. The session is open to urban practitioners, ITS experts, operators and suppliers. Future tutorial sessions will be organised in Madrid (13-14 April), Gothenburg (18-20 May) and Birmingham (9-10 June).

For more information on OPTICITIES, please visit www.opticities.com

EUROCITIES staff contact

Peter Staelens