Join the European Cycling Challenge 2016

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European cities are invited to compete in the fifth European Cycling Challenge in May 2016.

Participants are invited to track their journeys by bike using a GPS-based smartphone app throughout the month of May 2016. Their efforts will feed into the total kilometres cycled by their city teams, and can be compared through online leaderboards, both for cities and for individual participants and local teams.

Using a gamification approach, the challenge is a useful tool for encouraging more people to travel by bike, thus reducing urban car traffic. What’s more, cities can use the GPS data to identify the most popular cycle routes and plan future networks. This data is available for free to EUROCITIES members.

The competition is open to all people travelling by bike in cities that have registered for the challenge. Those cities interested in taking part are invited to complete a preliminary form by 31 December; more information here.

This is the fifth edition of the European Cycling Challenge, which is promoted by EUROCITIES member Bologna and SRM – the mobility agency of Bologna. Last year, 39 cities from 15 European countries representing 26,000 participants took part, cycling a total of two million kilometres. EUROCITIES member Gdansk won the 2015 challenge, with some 450,000km tracked.

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