Have your say on smart city KPIs and related methodology


The CITYkeys project presents its draft document, 'Smart city (and smart project) KPIs and related methodology.

The CITYkeys project is developing and testing key performance indicators and data collection frameworks for the monitoring and comparison of smart city projects. 

This document describes the selection of indicators for assessing smart city projects, and corresponding indicators at city level. Starting from a definition of a smart city and of smart city projects, these impact indicators have been selected to function as key performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking the progress towards city and project objectives. 

The selection was based on an inventory of 43 existing indicator frameworks for (sustainable) cities and projects. The indicators are divided into themes: people, planet, prosperity, governance and propagation. Under these themes, a total of 108 project indicators and 78 city indicators have been selected by CITYkeys. The majority of the indicators in the CITYkeys selection are derived from existing indicator frameworks. New indicators have been suggested to fill gaps in existing frameworks, mostly related to the specific characteristics of smart city projects. The CITYkeys framework is based on an inventory of existing performance measurement frameworks for (sustainable) cities and projects in order to maximise synergies with indicators that cities may already be using. 

The current report is a 'halfway' result of CITYkeys. By the end of this year, the report will be completed with a description of the data sources and indicator calculation procedures. Further changes may also be made once the indicators are tested at city level. 

We would be grateful for your input by 6 December regarding: 

  • any general comments/proposals regarding the proposed set of indicators

  • missing indicators or themes/subthemes which are not adequately covered (please indicate/propose)

  • redundant indicators or some themes/subthemes are overly covered (please indicate/propose)

  • Are there indicators for which the necessary datasets are not available, impossible to calculate or too expensive to support?

Find out more about the CITYkeys project at www.citykeys-project.eu

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