GuiDance project - leading role for Green Digital Charter signatories

  • knowledge society

Our Green Digital Charter (GDC), which is supported by the new GuiDance project, is about to enter a new phase of activities in which signatories will play a leading role.

The include updating the text of the Green Digital Charter, which is available at the link provided. We will consult signatories of the charter, members of the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum, digital experts and the European Commission in order to update the text. The changes will reflect the current technology trends and align cities' priorities and GDC objectives with the structure and goals of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC) and the Digital Single Market, one of the Commission's ten priorities. We expect to present a first draft of the new text this October at our knowledge society forum meeting in Rome, taking place on 27-30 October. 

In addition, we will be carrying out an implementation monitoring report. We will contact signatories of the GDC over the coming weeks to gauge their progress towards the GDC commitments. The results of the report will be used to tailor services and activities that fit with cities' needs. In 2016 and 2017, we will organise a series of webinars, technical visits and work shadowing based on the results of this monitoring report. 

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