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From new urban governance to new public space - second SEISMIC report

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We recently published our second SEISMIC project policy watch report, exploring the underpinnings of 'new urban governance' in European cities.

The report discusses the leading role of cities in the revival of civic participation and citizen participation in the delivery of certain public services. 

Urban governance is generally defined as the enabling environment that allows local institutions to respond to citizens' needs. Building on this concept, SEISMIC project participants have coined the term 'new urban governance' to define practices that involve citizens in the delivery of some public policies, and therefore redefine urban governance. It is not only about responding to citizens' needs, but also about engaging them in this process; it is a governance model 'with and for' citizens. 

Partnership, co-creation and cooperation are key concepts in the definition of new urban governance. Social innovation initiatives have contributed to the creation of this new flexible urban government model. 

The policy watch also includes updates on global trends for social innovation in cities, as well as an EU status report. 

SEISMIC will be publishing four policy watch reports in total, starting in January 2015 and finishing in October 2016. These build on the initial scoping paper that was published in September 2014. Click here to access the publications. 

The SEISMIC (societal engagement in science, mutual learning in cities) project helps tackle Europe's biggest urban problems by engaging citizens, identifying social innovation needs and contributing to future urban policies and research strategies. For more information, please visit