European Parliament recognises role of local authorities in green employment

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A new resolution adopted by the European Parliament shows strong recognition of the role of local authorities in capitalising on the growth potential of the green economy.

On the 8 July 2015, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the ‘Green Employment Initiative: tapping into the job creation potential in the green economy’.

During the drafting stages of the report, we met the rapporteur, Jean Lambert MEP, to offer feedback based on our ‘Green jobs for social inclusion’ publication and our declaration on work. As a result, the final text shows strong recognition of the role of local authorities in capitalising on the growth potential of the green economy. It highlights the key role that local authorities can play in promoting job growth in the green economy and more decent and inclusive jobs through:

  • green investment

  • leveraging the power of public procurement, including the use of social and environmental clauses in public procurement

  • creating partnerships, including with training institutions, to improve the job/skills match on local labour markets

  • supporting both green SMEs and greening of SMEs

  • setting up inclusive green employment programmes that ensure that vulnerable groups will also capitalise on green growth

The report also stresses the need to apply the right mix of supply and demand-side interventions, which comes from combining job creation with active labour market policies, specific to the needs of different local labour markets.

Although the resolution does not carry legislative power, it is a means for the Parliament to call for action from the European Commission, member states, and regional and local authorities. Some of the actions proposed could be of great support to local authorities in their important role of facilitating the transition to a green economy and creating inclusive labour markets. For example, the report calls on member states to use EU funds to promote sustainable projects that foster green employment, and to make EU funding and financial instruments as easily accessible as possible for local authorities, with clear, straightforward rules and reachable minimum funding thresholds. The report also requests that the Commission tackle the issue of employment in the implementation of Energy Union.

The full text of the resolution can be found here