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We argue for significant strengthening of the European Commission's proposals on better regulation, with greater emphasis on the role of cities in the EU and the growing debate on an EU urban agenda.

On taking office, Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, made a clear commitment to improve existing EU laws and the way the Commission develops new rules. On 19 May this year, the Commission published its package of measures, including a communication on 'Better regulation for better results'. 

This initiative aims to ensure that EU measures are evidence-based, well-designed and that they deliver tangible results that respond to the real needs on the ground. The Commission wants to see greater transparency and consultation in policy making, complemented by stronger impact assessments. 

The Commission is proposing to set up an online platform where stakeholders can comment on problems with EU legislation. It also plans to establish a 'REFIT' platform, which would bring together a broad group of stakeholders to get involved in reviewing and imporving EU legislation together with the Commission. 

In September, we published a statement in which we argue that the Commission's proposals could be significantly strengthened by putting more emphasis on the role of cities in the EU, and by taking into account the key elements of the growing debate on an EU urban agenda. 

In particular, we point out:

  • The need to move from consultation to collaboration and co-creation with cities when developing new initiatives at EU level. 

  • The need for a stronger urban dimension to impact assessments of new EU initiatives, in order to take better account of urban specificities. 

  • The need to capitalise more effectively on local and regional expertise, in order to identify better ways of implementing policy whilst also reinforcing policy coordination at EU level. 

The European Parliament and Council are due to debate the package of measures, which also includes an interinstitutional agreement on better regulation, over the autumn. 

For more information on our position on better regulation, please see our statement at the link provided. 


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