EUROCITIES on COP 21: Gijon’s triple helix energy cooperation

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In its Science and Technology Park (PCTG), Gijon brings together government, industry and research institutes to develop and test new energy solutions.

Gijon’s Science and Technology Park (PCTG) brings together government, industry and research institutes to test new tools and turn research findings into concrete products or services. It offers a space for companies and research institutes working on similar or complementary activities, such as sustainable energy, and promotes networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

For example, the ‘cluster of energy, environment and climate change’, which is led by the University of Oviedo, connects companies and institutions in the Asturias region. Together they work on energy production from renewable sources, clean transport and energy storage, environment and climate change.

This collaboration has translated into concrete projects. Biomass boilers fueled by regionally produced wood pellets are now installed in the university’s central research building. Geothermal energy from coalmine waster is being used to heat the research building and a student hall of residence.

The initiative demonstrates how good collaboration between government, research and industry can trigger innovation and drive sustainable energy policies at local level. Find out more in our CASCADE case study, available here.  



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