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EUROCITIES contributes to the EU green jobs debate


We participated in an event on the circular economy held by the Greens/European Free Alliance at the European Parliament on 9 December 2015.

EUROCITIES policy coordinator Paulina Banaś presented findings and examples from our ‘Green jobs for social inclusion’ publication at an event on the circular economy hosted by the Greens/European Free Alliance at the European Parliament on the 9 December 2015. We were also featured in a short video filmed at the event.

The event, 'Circular economy: the new job paradigm' aimed to promote the employment potential of the circular economy and contribute to a debate on EU policy. Panellists included representatives from the EU institutions, businesses, social economy enterprises, trade unions, as well as local authorities represented by EUROCITIES. A week prior to the event, the European Commission had presented its new Circular Economy Package, so much of the debate centred on its content.

EUROCITIES contributed with findings from our ‘Green jobs for social inclusion’ publication. We highlighted the important role that cities can play in creating inclusive labour markets and connecting vulnerable groups to green economy opportunities through well-designed public intervention.

The good practices presented in our publication highlight such elements as:

  • finding the right mix of supply and demand-side interventions

  • tailoring activation measures to the specific needs of target groups and individuals

  • linking to local employment opportunities

Giving disadvantaged people opportunities in the green economy can provide a sustainable route out of poverty, and therefore bring efficiency to public spending. We emphasised the importance of public procurement, and especially the social and environmental clauses, as one of the main tools to achieve this. The presentation included examples from EUROCITIES members Rennes Metropole and Gothenburg.

Further details, presentations from the event and the video recording of the full event can be found here. For the short video of the event, please click here

You can find a link to our 'Green jobs for social inclusion' publication to the left of this article.