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EUROCITIES at EIP Smart Cities General Assembly

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The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC) held its general assembly in Berlin on 21 May alongside the Metropolitan Solutions conference.

We were represented by Daniël Termont, mayor of Ghent, at a high level panel discussion on smart cities and citizen involvement. He emphasised that there can be no smart cities without smart citizens. He said that cities know their citizens and their needs best, and gave a number of examples of how cities engage with their communities on urban development issues. 

Violeta Bulc, European commissioner for transport, outlined the next steps at EU level on smart cities. She promised an upgraded and more focused initiative on 'cities and communities of the future' within the next couple of months. The Commission is working on defining the right scope and developing the building blocks of the initiative. 

The event also saw the launch of a memorandum of understanding between six larger companies on urban digital platforms, to encourage, for example, the integration of a city's services, data, sensors and infrastructure in order to deliver smarter services to cities and citizens. The work on the urban digital platforms will continue within the EIP marketplace, more specifically within the action cluster for integrated infrastructures. 

Our Green Digital Charter and CITYKeys projects were both displayed in the exhibition area of the conference venue. These displays were visited by Commissioner Bulc, who received a copy of our new statement, 'Ever smarter cities' (available at the link below). The statement outlines our position on smarter cities, which we see as a continuous process, involving citizens, to become more resource efficient whilst at the same time improving quality of life. 

In our statement we set out a set of next steps for smarter cities and the EIP SCC at EU level, incluidng looking beyond ICT, energy and mobility to also address urban environmental sustainability issues. 

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