EU urban agenda? See our infographic

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Our new infographic illustrates our vision for an EU urban agenda that promotes better involvement of cities in EU policy making.

We have complemented our refreshed statement on an EU urban agenda with an infographic, illustrating our vision for an EU urban agenda that supports:

  • better coordination at EU level of initiatives that impact on cities

  • better involvement of cities in policy development nationally and an EU level

  • testing new methods for working in partnership across all levels of government

  • delivering better urban solutions in areas such as air quality, asylum, immigration, afforable housing, employment, energy consumption/production, and intra-EU migration

We promoted our statement at the CiTIES forum on 2 June in Brussels and at the informal Council meeting on territorial cohesion and urban development on 10 June in Riga (see links provided for more information). 

Our statement will also feed into the ongoing preparations for the launch of an EU urban agenda during the Dutch EU presidency in 2016. 

Our statement and the full infographic can be found at the links provided. 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Dorthe Nielsen