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Browse through 30 case studies demonstrating how culture can be a powerful tool to foster economic development, urban regeneration and social inclusion.

The case studies are part of a series of 70 being published under our 'Culture for cities and regions' initiative. The first 30 case studies are now available on the website, here

The case studies explore three themes: 

  • culture and creative industries as a catalyst for local economic development and urban regneration
  • cultural heritage as a driver for economic growth and social inclusion
  • culture for social inclusion, social innovation, and intercultural dialogue

The remaining 40 case studies will be added to the collection over the course of the summer. Based on this collection of 70 case studies, we have selected 15 cities and regions to host a series of study visits. Nantes will host the first study visit in the series, which will take place on 16-18 September. Participants in this visit will focus on urban regeneration through cultural and creative industries, creative clusters and ecosystems, and creative entrepreneurship. 

The call for participation in this first round of study visits closed on 9 July. These visits are to Nantes, Wallonia, Nord-Pas de Calais, Bologna and Dundee. A second call for participation will open in November for the remaining ten study visits. 

Visit the new Culture for cities and regions website to find out more about the initiative:

Pictured: city of Nantes, host of the first study visit 

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