Covenant of Mayors webinar: nature-based solutions for urban regeneration

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The webinar, taking place on 18 January 2016 from 10.00, will be an opportunity to address specific questions related to project proposals development.

There is growing recognition and awareness that nature can help provide viable solutions that use and deploy the properties of natural ecosystems in a smart, 'engineered' way. These nature-based solutions provide sustainable, cost effective, multipurpose and flexible alternatives for various objectives. Working with nature can further pave the way towards a more resource efficient, competitive and greener economy.
This Covenant of Mayors webinar will present the recent policy developments at EU level on the use nature-based solutions for sustainable urban development, and the Horizon 2020 calls intended to demonstrate innovative nature-based solutions for sustainable cities (SCC-02-2016, SCC-03-2016, SCC-04-2016), cultural heritage for sustainable growth (SC5-21-2016-2017) and nature-based solutions for territorial resilience (SC5-09-2016 and SC5-10-2016).
It will provide an opportunity to address specific questions related to project proposal development. To help the speakers prepare, please send your questions to Anja De Cunto in advance of the webinar.
The European Commission speakers during the webinar will include: Birgit de Boissezon, head of unit, Nature-Based Solutions for Re-Naturing Cities; Christos Fragakis, deputy head of unit; and and Ugo Guarnacci, policy officer, Innovating Cities with Nature.

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Anja Katalin De Cunto