Cities in action: Neighbourhood action, The Hague

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The Hague is supporting cooperative action by citizens to achieve its goal of becoming climate neutral by 2040.

The Hague has allocated a €1.4 million budget to its sustainability scheme, from which grants of up to €8,000 are offered to citizens with ideas for improving the environment or reducing the emissions.

On top of the financial support, the team works closely with citizens to help them develop their ideas, find the right support and connect with businesses.

The city tries to reach out to all citizens to encourage inclusivity and creativity. While the first round of projects came mainly from sustainability frontrunners, now 80% of projects are led by new activists.

Projects so far developed by citizens through the scheme include a garden on top of a supermarket roof, and a system to supply homes with residual heat from local shops.

Find out how The Hague is making the most of its citizens' good ideas to become a more sustainable city by taking a look at our latest 'cities in action' case study, available at the link below.