Cities at work: Brighton & Hove Employability Advice and Careers Hut


Brighton & Hove Employability Advice and Careers Hut (BEACH) is an online tool to develop young people’s employment chances in the local area.

BEACH is an employability and careers advice website designed for young people, by young people. It began in 2011 in response to a change in national legislation calling for young people to remain in learning – school, apprenticeship or employment – until the age of 17, and now 18. Brighton & Hove wanted to equip young people in the city with the right skills to find quality jobs, with the aim of retaining talent in the local area.

A group of students met local employers to find out what they are looking for and what opportunities are out there for young people. They collected the information from these sessions and worked with web developers to create the website. Clips from the interviews with employers are included in the ‘Meet some employers section’.

The website includes features such as ‘What employers want’ and information on interviews, managing your money and job hunting. This is presented using video clips and clear and simple language. It covers every aspect of searching for, applying for and starting a new job, such as a list of important documents employers may ask for. The website is used as a teaching resource in schools and is also accessed by parents and students.

A group of student ambassadors, known as the ‘BEACH patrol’ is responsible for marketing and disseminating the website, visiting job fairs, presenting in school assemblies and at parents’ evenings and developing a marketing plan to raise awareness of the information available.

The website was developed with a budget of around €20,000, mostly funded through grant money allocated to the city to support the implementation of the national legislation change. It is easily replicable in other cities: the ‘about BEACH’ section of the website explains the process used to develop the website.

BEACH won a EUROCITIES award for ‘smart jobs’ in 2013, and in February 2014 we published a case study on the initiative, available here. Visit the BEACH website at to discover all the features.

With our cities at work series, we are demonstrating the important role cities play in promoting quality employment and a fairer, more inclusive society. In February 2015, we launched the EUROCITIES declaration on work and on 22 February 2016 we are hosting a high level roundtable on work with the European Commission with the aim of establishing a structured partnership on employment.