Cities addressing youth unemployment

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High youth unemployment is a problem in cities across the EU, even in regions and countries where overall unemployment is relatively low.

Too many young people are living in poverty and at risk of social exclusion. Reducing youth unemployment is therefore a major priority for our cities. 

In our new statement on youth employment, we stress the crucial role that city authorities play in encouraging an integrated approach to deal with youth unemployment. 

This means:

  • combining supply-side and demand-side measures
  • brokering effective partnerships between public, private and non-governmental actors
  • implementing tailored measures that respond to the needs of young people and the local labour market, including customised education and vocational training

We recommend closer collaboration between cities, the EU and member states, and greater flexibility in designing youth employment policies, so that measures can be adapted to local labour market needs. 

We call for adequate European and national funding directly accessible to cities, including an improved Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) and Youth Guarantee, with better recognition of local labour market needs and the skills required by local businesses to grow local economies. 

Our statement reaffirms our ongoing commitment to tackling Europe's employment crisis, as set out in our declaration on work. We stress the need for stronger partnerships between cities, national and European authorities to deliver better results. 

Read our statement at the link provided.