CREATE project on traffic congestion gears up

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CREATE focuses on the issue of traffic congestion and, more specifically, how to define this and achieve a lower car use while building more liveable cities.

CREATE was recently invited to join the CIVITAS intiative and was represented at the CIVITAS conference on 7-9 October, together with other Horizon 2020-funded projects on urban mobility. The so-called 'CIVITAS knowledge generating projects', such as CREATE, are now part of the CIVITAS family. They will contribute to the initiative with their results and will work in close cooperation with other CIVITAS projects and CIVITAS cities. 

The focus of CREATE is closely linked to the theme of the 2015 CIVITAS conference, 'sharing the city', which focused on sustainable urban mobility as an important driver for building accessible and liveable cities for all. 

CREATE also organised the first meeting of its stakeholder engagement group alongside the EUROCITIES Mobility Forum in Tallinnn on 19 October. A dozen city representatives interested in the topic of congestion joined the discussions. Participants posed questions ont he measurement and definition of congestion, as well as linking the discussion to their own experiences and needs at city level. 

For the next three years, CREATE will work closely with our mobility forum and more specifically with the members of this stakeholder group to develop meaningful tools based on the results of studies and exchanges, and will contribute to the debate at European level. 

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