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COP 21: EUROCITIES signs the Paris Pledge for Action

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EUROCITIES has signed up to the Paris Pledge for Action (L’Appel de Paris), a call to support the Paris Agreement on global warming, agreed during COP 21.

Last week at COP 21 in Paris, governments of the world adopted the Paris Agreement, the first universal, legally binding climate deal. The commitments made by national governments aim to limit global warming to 2ºC.

Cities will play an important role in realising these commitments. Together with regions, companies and investors from around the globe, major cities have promised to quickly and effectively help implement the Paris Agreement and accelerate the transformative changes needed to meet the climate change challenge.

By signing up to the Paris Pledge for Action, cities, regions, businesses, investors, and other non-state actors endorse the Paris Agreement and pledge action to implement the terms of the agreement. Signatories are seizing the opportunity to act now and raise ambition before the terms of the agreement even take effect, in 2020.

L’Appel de Paris has already been signed by over 400 businesses, 120 investors, and 150 cities and regions representing 150 million people and $11 million (€10 million).

The pledge is an initiative of the COP 21 French Presidency and is open to all non-state actors.

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