Anna Lisa Boni focuses on refugees with EU ministers


Anna Lisa Boni, EUROCITIES secretary general, represented us at an informal meeting of EU ministers for urban policy in Luxembourg on 27 November.

One of the main debates at the meeting was on the urban challenges of the current migrant and refugee situation. We worked with the presidency team in advance of the meeting to contribute to a background paper for the debate. Ministers discussed the challenges in cities, how the EU can better coordinate actions to support cities, and how best to include the issue within the EU urban agenda, which is expected to be launched during the forthcoming Dutch EU presidency. 

Anna Lisa Boni gave a short statement on the role of cities in welcoming refugees and asylum seekers. She stressed the urgency of recognising cities as crucial partners in the refugee crisis, and the need to provide cities with direct financial support from the EU for urgent reception and integration measures.

Photo © EU Council newsroom