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EUROCITIES statement on the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Energy efficiency is a major issue in our local efforts to mitigate climate change but also in providing green jobs and addressing energy poverty. As European cities, we manage extensive portfolios of public buildings and we can also, depending on our legal authority and financial and administrative capacity, regulate, incentivise and assist with improving the energy efficiency of privately owned buildings. However, improving private buildings remains particularly challenging.


publication date: 13-01-2016

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EUROCITIES on COP 21 – L’Ile de Nantes

Nantes is transforming a former industrial area into a sustainable living, working and leisure environment.


publication date: 08-12-2015

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EUROCITIES on COP 21: Malmo's Climate Living in Cities Concept

Malmo ran its CLICC project from 2010-2014 to tackle household carbon emissions by refurbishing three housing compounds.


publication date: 02-12-2015

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EUROCITIES on COP 21: Energy efficiency through participation

Malaga involved residents in the energy efficiency refurbishment of Los Limoneros, a housing complex in one of its most deprived neighbourhoods.


publication date: 30-11-2015

Cities welcome refugees - Helsinki

The Finnish capital city Helsinki, chair of our working group on migration and integration, has long been a city of asylum, having welcomed thousands of Somali refugees since the early 90s.


publication date: 02-11-2015

Refugee resettlement and integration in Europe: experiences and lessons learned

The event was the occasion to launch the joint statement 'Protecting and welcoming refugees in Europe'


publication date: 29-10-2015

Cities welcome refugees - Leipzig

We continue our series of articles looking at how cities are responding to the current refugee crisis with Leipzig, and we spoke to Thomas Fabian, deputy mayor of Leipzig who is coordinating the city's response.


publication date: 07-10-2015

Urban dialogues – migration and asylum in cities

The second in our series of urban dialogues debates focused on the topical issue of migration and asylum in European cities.


publication date: 22-09-2015

Open days 2015 : Inclusion of mobile EU citizens

As part of the 2015 Open Days of the Commitee of Regions, EUROCITIES is organising with the DG Justice of the European Commission a workshop on the inclusion of Mobile EU citizens.


start date: 13-10-2015
end date: 13-10-2015