knowledge society

Our knowledge society forum supports cities to ensure that all citizens can have access to ICTs and participate in the information and knowledge society and helps public administrations to make the most of the rapid development of new technologies

The rapid development and increasing use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) has transformed our societies and economies, how we do business and communicate with each other, and how we work and learn.

New technologies are also transforming public administration at all levels, as citizens are learning to expect easy access to realtime information and reliable online services.


2015 priorities

  • Digitally Enabled citizens - Finding new mechanisms for engaging and enabling citizens to make the most of their community. E.g. Participatory budgeting; community benefit systems (such as the Bristol pound); digital-by-default; personal "data passports" to easily access a range of online services. Digital Agenda for Europe;

  • Collaborative Cities - Encouraging growth of local ecosystems of developers, innovation agencies, SMEs, universities, public bodies and others. working with other European cities on societal challenges. Creating bridges with Countries and cities outside Europe through "acting local, but thinking global"  addressing societal challenges;

  • Smart Technologies - early adoption of smart technologies and systems for better connected cities and developing key skills and new industries to meet the demand for smart city services. Developing and implementing smart infrastructure for sustainable growth (the Green Digital Charter can play a role here). Embedding excellence in sience and encourage Industrial Leadership.





vice chair

Laia Bonet
deputy mayor

EUROCITIES staff contact

Federica Bordelot
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor


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