Our culture forum works to promote the increased recognition of culture as a vital aspect of public policies, and to foster access to and participation in culture for all.

Culture is a vital aspect of urban life and cities host all kinds of cultural events, from popular events to high culture. For many European cities, culture is now so important that it is placed at the heart of cities’ strategic plans

Culture in cities should be recognised not just in terms of its artistic value but as a mechanism for social inclusion and urban regeneration.

Culture is central to the sustainable development of Europe’s cities. It is an engine for urban economic development and contributes directly to enhancing the quality of life of citizens.

We believe that culture and creativity in cities should be supported by public policies at all levels, including at European level, and that the role of culture in promoting economic development and social cohesion in cities must be recognised.

It is a platform for our members to network and exchange on policies and practices implemented in cities.

Our culture forum focuses on promoting culture as a means of social change; using culture to improve relationships between people, especially young people; promoting links between creative industries and culture; and exchanging best practice for improving quality of life through cultural experiences and development.

As well as acting as a platform for cities to share knowledge and best practice, our culture forum achieves its objectives by drafting position papers, organising events, and developing and implementing transnational projects.

2015 priorities:

  • mainstreaming culture in the EU agenda

  • safeguarding culture in the EU creative agenda

  • connecting the forum to other areas and stakeholders and testing innovative ways of working

vice chair

Annekatrin Klepsch
Deputy Mayor

EUROCITIES staff contact

Julie Herve
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Senior policy advisor


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