Seminar: Innovation and social clauses in public procurement

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Cities use public procurement as a strategic tool to support social inclusion, job creation, local economic development, and becoming smarter cities. This seminar on innovation and social clauses in local public procurement aims to help cities to further capitalise on the opportunities offered by the 2014 EU public procurement directives, while the transposition in Member States is taking place, and to debate with EU institutions and stakeholders.  
The first workshop on 12 November will focus on public procurement of innovation (PPI) and pre-commercial procurement (PCP). We will discuss cities’ experiences, challenges they face and how to address these.
The second workshop on 13 November will explore the issue of social clauses. The 2014 EU public procurement directives allow cities to support more social objectives than the previous directives. The transposition of these directives in Member States legislation is very diverse. We will debate on how cities have developed social and even ‘responsible’ procurement, the barriers they still face and how to overcome them.
Participants can attend one or both days of the seminar.