Open days 2015 : Inclusion of mobile EU citizens

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As part of the 2015 Open Days of the Commitee of Regions, EUROCITIES is organising with the DG Justice of the European Commission a workshop on the inclusion of Mobile EU citizens.

Workshop Details

Title: Inclusion of mobile EU citizens (please use the keyword "mobile" on the registration website)
Code: 13C11 (please us this code for registration)
Chair: Boulanger, Marie-Hélène
Organisers: DG JUST - EC
Themes: Theme 3 - Places and spaces
Speakers: Jézéquel, Thomas (EUROCITIES)
Massini, Gilles (Bordeaux) Hobé, Delphine (Stockholm)


Interpretation Languages:


English (en)
español (es)
français (fr)

Capacity: 100
Location: European Commission, Centre Borschette, Room 2C
Date: 13/10/2015 [11:15-13:00]

Some European cities and regions have in recent year been confronted with a sudden increase of newcomers from other EU Member States. Some cities report challenging situations related to the presence of spatially segregated and marginalised groups of low-income mobile EU citizens in specific neighbourhoods. 

The Commission recognises the importance of a bottom-up approach and is committed to helping address the needs of local authorities, including the exchange of best practices. We will present actions taken on EU level, showcase some good practices, and provide a platform for catalyst encounters.

Target audience:
- EU, national, regional and local policy/decision makers

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