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European Commission, Committee of the Regions, Brussels Capital Region
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There will be an 'urban day' at this year's Committee of the Region's OPEN DAYS.

As part of the 13th European Week of Regions and Cities, European Commission DG Regional and Urban Policy, the Committee of the Regions and Brussels Capital Region have teamed up to organise an 'OPEN Urban DAY' on 14 October. 

The events will take place in the Brussels canal area, a 15-minute ride away from the city centre on public transport. 

Different interactive workshops will focus on various urban topic, and participants will have the chance to visit some interesting projects. Workshops will focus on, for example, the new financial urban instruments, initiatives such as smart cities and Urban Innovative Actions, URBACT, green incubators, the circular economy and the revitalisation of the Brussels canal area. 

Some 800 participants - practitioners, officials and experts from all over Europe - are expected to attend the day. 

Registration is now open. Find out more here

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