EUROCITIES peer review: Employability of Roma

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This report presents the findings of the EUROCITIES peer review on employability of Roma that took place in Glasgow on 18-19 June 2013.

Lack of employment and high levels of unemployment are prevalent throughout Roma communities in Europe. This is a major factor of social and economic exclusion not only for Roma communities but for other ethnic minority groups with high concentrations of unemployed people.
While Glasgow city council has a long history of successfully implementing employment and training projects for many excluded and disadvantaged groups, its experience with Roma communities is more recent. In the last seven years Glasgow has seen an increase in the numbers of Roma families arriving in the city from Slovakia and Romania. While some have managed to find employment many Roma adults are unemployed and unable to find work except in the informal labour market.
This report presents the findings of the EUROCITIES peer review that looked at three employment and training projects implemented in Glasgow by the Jobs and Business Agency that focus on:
  • providing training
  • developing relevant skills
  • creating employment opportunities for Roma residents
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