Cities and migrants: implementing the Integrating Cities Charter

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This research highlights the city trends on migrant integration, particularly on how our members are implementing the Integrating Cities Charter.


The charter identifies the duties and responsibilities of European cities as policy makers, providers of services, employers and buyers of goods and services to provide equal opportunities for all residents, to integrate migrants, and to embrace the diversity of their populations. Since its introduction in 2010, 35 cities have signed it.

This report is based on the input of 22 cities. It finds that migrant integration is being redefined, with policies taking a broader approach to social inclusion, equality and participation. It offers a snapshot into the reality of local integration policies and practices, demonstrating some concrete examples of what cities are doing to include migrants through their everyday policies.

We hope to add to this report in the future so that it will build into a periodic overview on the state of migrant integration in European cities. We will monitor cities’ progress on implementing the charter and highlight trends that we will use to inform relevant policies at local, national and EU level.

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