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'Promoting an inclusive labour market at local level'

In our latest publication we showcase projects from 12 of our member cities that support those who face significant barriers to employment; including migrants, people with disabilities, young people with mental illness, over 50s, young people not in education or training (NEETS) and the long term unemployed.


publication date : 14-10-2015

Better regulation - cities contributing to effective EU policy making

Our response to the Commission's better regulation package


publication date : 09-10-2015

Cities and migrants – implementing the Integrating Cities Charter

Our latest report on the implementation of our Integrating Cities Charter highlights new trends in migrant integration in European cities.


publication date : 11-01-2016

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EUROCITIES statement on products and markets in the circular economy

We welcome the Commission’s intention to improve the circular economy package, in particular through more resource-efficient product policies and better conditions for secondary raw material markets, but also through more support for implementing waste legislation. Following our statement on the review of waste targets and legislation, this statement contains our proposals on products and markets in the circular economy


publication date : 22-10-2015

EUROCITIES Statement on Roma inclusion in cities

Roma inclusion is a shared concern across Europe, especially in cities. In this statement, developed by our task force on Roma inclusion, we acknowledge the key role played by city authorities in offering a decent life to all by providing non-discriminatory access to services and call on European institutions, member states and candidate countries to support the effective implementation of the EU Framework of Roma inclusion. A German version of the statement is also available.


publication date : 29-10-2015

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publication date : 07-10-2015

  •  knowledge society

EUROCITIES Statement on the Digital Single Market

For our cities the completion of the Digital Single Market in Europe is vital in order to increase competitiveness, ensure citizens are digitally enabled and to support the development of new and trustworthy public e-services and eGovernment that are accesible to all.


publication date : 01-10-2015

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EUROCITIES statement on the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Energy efficiency is a major issue in our local efforts to mitigate climate change but also in providing green jobs and addressing energy poverty. As European cities, we manage extensive portfolios of public buildings and we can also, depending on our legal authority and financial and administrative capacity, regulate, incentivise and assist with improving the energy efficiency of privately owned buildings. However, improving private buildings remains particularly challenging.


publication date : 13-01-2016

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Joint letter to MEPs on real-world driving emissions tests

In spite of the recent #dieselgate scandal and the widespread exceedances of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits across Europe responsible for 75,000 premature deaths each year, the TCMV voted to allow Euro 6 diesel cars to emit over double the Euro 6 limit from 2017 to 2020 (through the so-called conformity factor (CF) of 2.1), and 50% more after 2020 (CF of 1.5), de facto increasing the standard to 120 mg/km open-endedly. This will lead to much slower improvements in air quality than the EU...


publication date : 11-12-2015