Study visit on homeless people with multiple and complex needs

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Within each city, there is a percentage of homeless people who do not respond to the standard interventions. This is often because they multiple and complex needs, for example a combination of drug addiction and mental illness, which the current system does not fully address. They are at risk of becoming or have become chronically homeless, sleep rough or are entrenched within the homelessness system. The study visit aims to exchange experiences of working with this target group, explore good practices and possible approaches, to support cities in addressing this issue.

The study visit on homeless people with multiple and complex needs will take place on the 25-26th of June 2015 in Nantes (France).

The study visit will comprise of:

  • Expert input on policy and practice working with this target group
  • Site visits and discussions on the Nantes’ projects for this target group
  • Exchanges on policy and projects in other cities for this target groups
  • Thematic exchanges related to the needs and models of service delivery for this target group

An agenda and a registration link will appear here shortly.