Keynote speaker at EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo

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Philipp Rode, executive director at LSE Cities, will deliver the keynote speech at our annual conference.

Philipp Rode, whose current work focuses on green economy strategies for cities and includes co-directing the cities workstream of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, will speak about how we can develop sustainable cities. His keynote speech will tie in with the theme of this year's conference, taking place in Copenhagen and Malmo on 4-6 November, 'Living cities - sustainable growth and quality of life'. 

The conference will include roundtable sessions, a new feature for this year's conference. These will bring together politicians, experts, NGOs and the specialist knowledge of our members and will focus on four themes: urban mobility; air quality; employment; and cities attracting investors. 

EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo will be a unique opportunity to explore new ways to promote economic growth, create jobs and improve quality of life in our cities. 

The conference website will be launched soon w ith more information and practical details. 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Sinead Mullins