EUROCITIES on COP 21: ‘Zoom in on your roof’

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Using a thermographic satellite map of the city, Antwerp highlights the importance of household energy efficiency and loft insulation.

‘Zoom in on your roof’ is a scheme Antwerp launched in 2009 to raise awareness among residents of the importance of energy efficiency and loft insulation. A colour-coded thermographic satellite map allows residents to zoom in on their roofs to assess the efficiency of their loft insulation – with red the least efficient and blue and green the most.

The city also hosts demonstrations, and offers personalized advice on financing available to homeowners to improve household energy efficiency. The city and regional governments teamed up to offer grants to homeowners wishing to install new insulation, and the city advises residents on green loans available to finance energy saving investments in homes.

The total cost of producing the map was €160,000, which Antwerp managed to disperse by cooperating with 20 surrounding municipalities, who divided the expense according to their surface area and number of residents.

Other cities, in Belgium and further afield, have been inspired by Antwerp’s project and have set up similar schemes at home.

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