EUROCITIES on COP 21: Green AddICT, Bristol

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Bristol’s Green AddICT programme helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Bristol set up Green AddICT in response to a study on the carbon footprint of business ICT use in the city, which revealed that in 2006, it accounted for 67,258 tonnes of CO2 at a cost of £11 million (€12.5m).

The centrepiece of the project is the Green AddICT website,, a platform for local businesses to share expertise and good practices. The website features case studies, and tools such as carbon calculators and a solutions database, which allows organisations to design a personalised action plan.

Solutions range from the long term and technical, such as replacing desktop computers with laptops and server virtualisation, to the immediate, such as monitoring printer usage and requesting paperless billing.

Bristol shares its ICT best practices nationally and internationally through a variety of networks, and the website boasts a number of Green ICT champions who are setting an example to businesses around the world.

Find out more about Green AddICT in a Covenant of Mayors case study, available here.



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